Join the Houzz Photographer Network!

After the success of the Photographer Network in the US and Australia, we're excited to have launched in India also.

Houzz is looking to promote professional photography among our community of residential design and renovation professionals. Members of the Photographer Network benefit from promotion to the Houzz professional community in exchange for offering a special first-time client package to Houzz professionals who ask for it.

There's no cost to being a part of the network but you must have a Houzz professional profile in order to participate. If you do not already have a professional profile, sign up for free and remember to select the category "Photographers".

It's also important you have at least 5 photos on your Houzz profile, so that prospective clients can get a good idea of your work. Empty profiles don't encourage new business! Upload photos here.

Want to see what you'll look like on the network? View our current listing here.


Please fill out the form below to join the Photographer Network:

The photography package terms and conditions, should you agree to participate, are:

  • Provide 15 daylight photos from one residential location to your new client with the worldwide, perpetual rights to use them on the Houzz platform and the client's own website
  • Price your package for first-time clients at one of the four following price points: ₹15,000, ₹20,000, ₹35,000, or ₹50,000
  • Grant Houzz the rights and license to promote you (including your name, likeness, branding, contact information, website link, content, etc.) as part of the Photography Network
  • The contract for this package is strictly between you and your client and therefore you may not make any promises on behalf of Houzz, nor will Houzz be party to your agreement