Become Houzz Certified

Join an exclusive group of marketing professionals and showcase your expertise by becoming Houzz certified. The Certification Program recognizes marketing professionals who have demonstrated knowledge of best practices for industry professionals using the Houzz platform. 

Certification Benefits

Become an expert resource for your clients, providing them with information on the latest Houzz tools and best practices.

Be among the first to receive product news, market research and event invitations.

Get the Houzz Certified badge for your website, and use it to market your business and new Houzz expertise.


Start Here:

Watch each of the webinars below, read the Guidelines, and then take our Houzz Certification Exam to get certified. Certified consultants will receive a special Houzz certified badge and certificate via email.


                                          1. How to Houzz                                                                2. Using Ideabooks



3. Reputation Management


4. Read Houzz Certified Marketing Consultant Guidelines




"I found the Houzz certification program to be very interesting and insightful. Not only do I know more about the how-to's of Houzz, I've also gained industry insight which is useful information to pass on to clients. Since I've taken the extra time to learn about Houzz, I can give my clients pointers on how to maximize their profile and activity on the platform, in order to meet their goals." 

-Jessica Hoelzel, Online Marketing Writer & Consultant