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Best of Houzz is our people’s choice award. It is the Houzz community’s pick of the top-rated professionals and popular home designs across and around the world. There are 2 types of award to be won; Design and Customer Service.

Once you've entered, let us know using #BestOfHouzz

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Enter Best of Houzz Design

Enter by uploading beautiful, high-quality images of your work to your Houzz profile.

The best way of making sure you're in with a chance of winning is to upload high-quality images of your work to your profile. Once uploaded, make sure your images are discoverable by adding as much info as possible. Here's how.


Enter Best of Houzz Customer Service

Enter by collecting 5 star reviews from clients on projects undertaken in 2018.

Effective client communication can make or break a project. We’ll share our tips for setting expectations and creating strong client relationships through critical conversations.


Top 3 Reasons to Enter Best of Houzz

  • Get noticed - The Best of Houzz awards are promoted to millions of homeowners worldwide.
  • Gain credibility - winners receive a Best of Houzz 2018 badge on their profile, showing their commitment to excellence.
  • Attract potential clients - the awards have become a true indication of quality within the home renovation industry

It’s a great achievement and I am very humbled to have achieved the award two years running now.  I guess it provides additional reassurance to potential clients that my work and level of service provided is endorsed by Houzz, which is great for the credibility of my Studio.

— Donna Guyler from Donna Guyler Interior Design


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