Access Powerful Member Benefits

Houzz and the NAHB have formed a strategic alliance to provide benefits for NAHB Members including personalized support and special discounts on local advertising and Houzz Shop.

Trade-Only Access to Houzz Shop

Houzz Pro Concierge Service

Houzz Pro

NAHB members are pre-approved to join the free Houzz Trade Program giving members an additional 10% off on all Trade Purchases using the coupon code, "NAHB". (Must be a valid Trade Program Member and NAHB member to participate).

Free access to Houzz  Pro Concierge Service wherein a Houzz expert will upload your photos and create a profile. For members already on Houzz Pro, they will help you optimize and strengthen you current professional profile

Special promotions on local advertising to reach homeowners in your areas that are looking for your services.

Verified NAHB Badge

Site Designer

Houzz Events

Free Houzz profile displaying the verified NAHB national badge and your state and local HBA badges (if local or state HBAs have an applicable Houzz page).

Free custom, professional website optimized for desktop and mobile devices-- upon request, a Houzz expert will help any member create a free business website.

SInvitations to Houzz local and national events for all members with a Houzz professional profile.