Program Guidelines

Use of Logo 

Houzz logo may not be altered in any way including color, orientation, or the addition of modifiers. The Houzz name and logo may not incorporated into the name of the business (including "houz" or other easily confused variations).


Contact via Houzz Site

Consultants may not use the Houzz messaging system to solicit clients and must abide by the Houzz Terms of Use and Houzz Acceptable Use Policy



Consultants are prohibited from offering services guaranteeing how and where pros show up on Houzz (e.g. directory rank). "We'll make you #1 in your area" is an example of prohibited messaging.



Photos of and from the Houzz website (whether created by Houzz or by other users) are subject to copyright protection and should not be used unless expressed permission is given to do so.


Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with guidelines may result in rescinding of the Houzz Marketing Consultant certification and removal from the Houzz Certified Marketing Consultant Program



I have read and agree to the Houzz Certified Marketing Consultant Guidelines