Watch The Webinar: Using Houzz & Social Media to Promote Your Business

For home professionals, technology tools extend far beyond space planning and drafting. Today, technology is used to communicate more effectively with clients, tell engaging stories about you and your portfolio of work, and market your business with scale and efficiency, in the office or on the go. During this session, discover how you can harness Houzz and integrated technologies to do just this - improve business efficiency, reach new prospective clients, and streamline communication.  

4 learning objectives

  1. Discover ways to streamline communication with clients throughout a project.
  2. Learn how to build a compelling online presence in addition to best practices for engaging with an online community.
  3. Learn how technology can facilitate the type of storytelling that differentiates your business and protects your reputation. 
  4. Understand how these activities generate new business, and how to measure their effectiveness.

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